Hacienda Los Pablo

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Hacienda Los Pablo somos exhibidores de animales exóticos, al igual que una Institucion Zoológica.

Ven y disfruta el recorrido por la Hacienda para conocer nuestra coleccion de animales exóticos tales como; camellos, canguro, avestruces, alpaca, vacas highlanders, vacas enanas, emus, tucanes, guacamayos, cisnes, burros, cabras, cabras enanas y nuestros hermosos caballos.

Tendremos "Pony rides' por un costo adicional y podrán disfrutar de nuestros hermosos jardines.

Vengan con su familia y tendrán una experiencia única e inolvidable.

Hacienda Los Pablo es una joya en el Valle de Lajas.

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Weddings - Hacienda los pablo

Weddings at the Hacienda are lovely.

Hacienda Los Pablo offers a natural and gorgeous backdrop, with discreet & romantic surroundings.

From beginning to end, you will embrace the memories of your wedding at Hacienda Los Pablo for years to come.

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Hacienda Los Pablo - Lajas

Experience a new style of vacation at Hacienda Los Pablo.

We don’t just offer a vacation rental Experience; we offer an experience that sophisticatedly blends the importance of natural elements, sleek accommodations, and a robust offering of activities.

A stay at Hacienda Los Pablo is an invitation to adventure in our approximately 30 acres of land.

We’re designed to inspire, make room for play, and encourage connection with our plenty of animals and nature.



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Lajas, Puerto Rico

Hacienda los Pablo

beautifully exciting

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Our Story

Our inspiration comes from an old Hacienda & some sugar mill ruins we possess on our property. The ruins invoke visions of a rich history back in the 1930s.

As you enter our front gate, you will be captivated by our unique landscapes and the luxury style of the Hacienda.

Hacienda Los Pablo is an elegant, luxury vacation rental and event venue with spacious open living spaces, modern and contemporary decoration, and a seamless pool.

We hope that the Hacienda provides an excellent ambiance for relaxation, as it does for us.

We assure you Hacienda Los Pablo will connect you and your loved ones with nature in a luxurious living space.

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Reportaje & Entrevista Hacienda los Pablo

Un Sueño de Hacienda con Animales Exóticos para tu Boda en Lajas Puerto Rico.

Conoce más de Hacienda los Pablo. Hacienda Los Pablo.

Una hospederia única en Puerto Rico que te transporta a las majestuosas haciendas de Colombia & Mexico.